Hi there, I’m Brian McKinney

Developer, designer, musician, recording engineer. In other words, I like to make things

Aussie rules football is such a great sport. There's a history, excitement and purity to it that is unparalleled. I love my Hawthorn Hawks.

@benkweller awesome show tonight. Thanks for coming to Kansas City, made my weekend.

@davidorex Thanks. Always wondered what the deal with that place was.

Any Lawrencians know what that weird shop on New Hampshire is with all the camera equipment and Laser Disks in the window?

Really enjoying working with @heroku to build out Django apps. After building several web servers from scratch it is a breath of fresh air.

R.I.P. [1]

@astroot Haha. Yeah, I saw it and thought it was awesome, then the Internet burst my bubble.

Tons of great shows coming to Lawrence this spring/summer. Really looking forward to seeing @bandofskulls at the Granada in June.

I played on an vintage echoplex today for the first time and it was insanely awesome. Every other delay should be ashamed of itself.

Forwarding from @TallgrassBeer: : Tallgrass to open $5 million brewery later this year. Thanks, Tallgrassers! We owe it all to you. [1]

I've been watching some Justified lately. Good show, but even better is the music provided courtesy of Steve Porcaro — of Toto fame.

Walking around town listening to the There Will Be Blood soundtrack seems to give everything you see a sinister vibe.

@DPruett2333 You were so right. Comparing WSU to SFA was horrible. SFA deserves better, at least they were able to beat a 5 seed to advance.

Also, do you ever get the feeling that Google is making products now simply because Apple has been rumored to be looking into it?

Android Wear may turn out to be cool, but the ad they created to promote it is excruciatingly bad. [1]

I am insanely tired of people supporting artists whose only skill is being able to hit a record button on a loop machine.

Caught Childish Gambino in KC last night. Talented guy, but man the Deep Web live show he does is really impressive. Highly recommended.

K-state vs Kentucky and a possible matchup with Wichita State in the second round? Awesome draw. Love it.

@DPruett2333 I wish the best for wsu, merely pointing out some hypocrisy regarding the seeding.

@DPruett2333 of course, because you wouldn't want to compare overall SOS. Nice slight on my reading though, you can't argue with facts.

@DPruett2333 but Stephen F. Austin *tried* to schedule harder competition, it's just that no one would play them. :/

But I guess they're in a lesser conference so...oh wait! I almost forgot WSU is in the valley!

If Wichita State is a 1 seed, the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks should be a top 5 seed. They have a 20+ win streak, lost 2 games all season.

The Stephen F. Austin lumberjacks mascot is the coolest damn mascot I've ever seen.

@jhspedals great! Love your pedals, thanks for the heads up.