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Sorry So Sloppy

  • June 4, 2007

Let me start by citing the most oft used phrase in all blogs, ever: I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted an entry. Believe me, I've been busy.

When I posted the inaugural entry onto this site, I had just barely gotten Django working, and there were still bits and pieces all around the place that were broken or not working right. It has taken me several weeks to go through and make those things work correctly or somewhat correctly. The reboot has been an interesting process, and I plan to share some of my thoughts about Django in an upcoming post.

Just a couple of weeks after I got my crippled site working, I was due to go on a vacation to New York. This obviously sidetracked me for a couple of weeks, the planning and execution of the trip was complex and challenging to pull off. It took me several days to figure out an acceptable plan, only to completely change it once we got there.

When I did get back from New York, it was my birthday and there were several things going on that kept me busy for most of the next week and the weekend. I celebrated with Ami's parents and my parents, the next night I celebrated with Ami, the next night I had a surprise birthday party, the next night I was in Lawrence watching a show.

The following week I had a four day weekend including Memorial day, and I spent the entire weekend taking a rare break from everything, including development.

In any case, I am now back, I have cleaned up most of what I wanted to clean up, and am almost ready to launch the portfolio section of the Web site. Even better than that, I am a lot more comfortable with Django now, so I should be able to keep things running smoothly on the site while I continue to develop it. In the not too distant future, I plan to do a complete redesign of the site, as well as some other cool additions, so I'll keep you posted. Stay smooth and check back when you get a chance.


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