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In line for an iPhone

  • July 11, 2008
  • in apple

I recently had the experience of standing in line for five and a half hours at an Apple store in Leawood, Kansas to buy a 3G iPhone. It wasn't pretty, nor comfortable, nor fun. It was frustrating, time consuming, and funny. A lot of people wonder why someone would stand in line for over five hours to buy something. My short answer is - I wouldn't have done it, had I known how it was going to go down...or would I?

I did quite a bit of research prior to the 3G iPhone launch, mainly attempting to figure out my best strategy for successfully purchasing an egg shell white iPhone on launch day.

The day is finally here. I am in for an iPhone. I got to the Leawood, Kansas Apple store at 9:00 this morning. I am pretty surprised by how long this is actually taking. Apparently the AT&T; servers are having problems coping with the wave of customers registering their phones. In any case, after an hour and a half, I am still at least an hour from getting an iPhone. That is, IF I am actually able to get my hands on one.

So I am finally in the store and waiting in line again. This time a separate line inside the store. I can't help but think how painless this would be if these phones could be activated at home. The activation process appears to take 30-45 minutes per phone. I've been in line for the past 4 hours and am still a good hour from being able to even talk to anyone who can sell me the phone. Thanks AT&T;.


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