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Now featuring Django 1.0

  • October 7, 2008
  • in design, django

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After quite a bit of effort and trolling around on Django's google groups, I've finally migrated my website to use Django 1.0. This is outwardly a very small change and if I did the transition properly, no one should have even noticed. The main benefit that I see from this is not having to worry as much about backwards compatibility as Django moves forward.

Most of the upgrade went completely smooth and painless. However, I did run into some major problems with an invalid view that was located in one of my 3rd party apps. I usually feel like the error logs that Django spits out are extremely helpful in debugging, but the URL reversal error messages are extremely confusing. Most of the time I spent going in the complete wrong direction looking for the problem. That said, once I was able to track the problem down, I was able to fix it quickly and move forward.

One thing that I am really psyched about in Django 1.0 is the new comment system. I was using previous version of the built-in Django comment system on this site, in addition to James Bennent's excellent comment utils. The Django community really did a good job and addressed a lot of the issues I had with using the old system. Also, I haven't received a single spam comment since the upgrade (knock on wood), which is freaking awesome.

In addition to migrating to Django 1.0, I did a few other things that I did as well:

Set up a proper dev environment

My dev environment before was called 'production'. This made it very tricky to do any kind of major upgrade or change. Before I even started working with Django 1.0, I created a dev environment to begin testing everything. Having the dev environment was easily worth all of the effort it took to get it going. Now I can be a little more free to experiment with different things and move in some cool directions without fear of breaking stuff.

Moved the server from mod_python to mod_sgi

I've read about a lot of the cool people moving to mod_wsgi over mod_python, so I did a bit of reading on the subject and decided to make the switch. For those of you wondering about whether you should stick with mod_python or change to mod_wsgi, there are really only a couple of major differences. I ran a across a fantastic article explaining some reasons for switching. Mainly the reasoning is:

  1. Apparently, mod_python isn't actively being developed anymore
  2. mod_wsgi is has some fairly significant speed advantages
  3. mod_wsgi is a bit less taxing on system memory

Added a proper media section, so that I can upload photos and images

One of the things that I really wanted to do from the start of this site was to have a proper system for quick uploading of images, audio and video that I wanted to have on this site. I modified Nathan Borror's excellent basic media application to create just that.

Integrated inlines into my blog, so that I can add media into blog posts

Another thing that seems small, but I think is a big deal is being able to utilize the above mentioned media in blog postings. I've been without that ability for a while, and it sucks. Henceforth there will be at least some snazzy pictures with my blog postings.

Fixed various style issues and bugs

I worked pretty hard when I launched this site to make sure the styles were solid and without issue, but I did miss a couple of things. I went back and fixed a handful of styling bugs that had become apparent to me after creating the current version of the site.


1 Joshua Works says

Congrats, Brian! Sounds like some of the same issues I've dealt with in updating to 1.0. It feels pretty good to get there, though, so congratulations.

Posted at 12:32 p.m. on October 7, 2008

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