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Coffs Harbour

  • March 11, 2009
  • in australia, travel

We drove down through the New South Wales coast until we descended on Coff's Harbour by dusk. Coffs Harbour is a small city located right on the beach, subdivided into three distinct areas. The beach, the wharf and the city center.

We ended up staying near the wharf in a decent hostel just down the street from the beach. We set out in search of a place to eat and found a great restaurant, one that seemed to define Aussie cuisine at its best. The Hog's Breath — "food served with an attitude" was the one. The Hog's Breath was a solid choice, and although mostly garish and the cuisine turned out to be so-so, they did in fact serve beer, of which I had several.

After a decent dinner served with surprisingly subtle attitude, we found ourselves traveling down to the city center to see what was going on in the city's main bar.

We ended up at the Coffs Harbour hotel, which is Coffs Harbour's most decent pub. There was an open mic night thing going on mixed with Karoke. None of us partook of the Karoke, but we did get to see several very questionable performances by the local Coffs Harbour folk. There were several other people in town, and it appeared that the makeup at the bar was about 60/40 townfolk and travelers.

Brian, Ken and I had several drinks and closed down the bar. We grabbed a cab home after a fairly uneventful, but highly enjoyable evening. There had been only about 30 people at the bar. It was a Tuesday night, but this was much better than we would encounter in the next few towns down the road.


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