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The Blue Mountains

  • March 13, 2009
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After some seriously slow nights, I was anxious to get to some cities that I was familiar with. I wanted to get out amongst the people, and mix with the locals. We headed towards Katoomba, just outside of the Blue Mountains, a city that I had traveled to before, and with decent population for a mountain town, I was sure there would be some great stuff happening on a Thursday night.

After checking in at a local hostel, which was incredibly welcoming and all around fantastic, we headed down the street to check out one of the two local bars and see what is shaking in Katoomba on a Thursday night. The answer, unfortunately, not much.

We went over to a small bar that was a bank in its former life, but now served as a somewhat interesting place to have a few beers and get some dinner. We skipped the dinner part.

What started as an innocent early evening beer turned into several, and also befriending the local bar staff. So much so, that when they had to close their bar, they suggested that we go to the bar next door and that they'd catch up with us over there.

Upon arrival at the second venue of the evening, I ordered my usual VB, as did Ken. Danenberg, feeling somewhat adventurous after a few beers, decided on trying a Bundy (rum) and cola, which is served out of a tap. Upon trial, this drink is a clearly close cousin of cough syrup and Danenberg waited for the right moment to classily dump the drink down the bartender's drain when he wasn't looking.

We continued on with the evening, and talked to the amiable staff of the former bar we had visited for quite some time. At some point, I wandered down the street to check on the other bar in town and see what was going on. It was closed. It was 11:30 pm.

Such was our trip. As the bar was nearing closure Brian and Ken went home. I had half of another beer, and after a clumsy discussion with an irritated waitress, I wandered back home to our waiting hostel.

At some point that night, Ken got up to use the bathroom and got locked out of our room. After knocking repeatedly at our door, with Danenberg and I too laid out to respond, Ken walked towards the front desk and promptly got locked out of a second door further away from our room. He then decided to sleep on the coach of the main room of the hostel, using a bean bag chair as a pillow until being woken by a rather frightened front desk attendant in the morning.


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Dude - What's up with all the clouds in those shots? Hopefully the sun is shining on you guys now!

Posted at 2:05 p.m. on March 19, 2009

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