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The Kings Cross was the main attraction

  • March 14, 2009
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There wasn't a whole lot going on in Katoomba, but it had been a step up from what had been going on the previous nights of our trip. Our next stop was clear, Sydney was calling our name.

We hopped in the LFC mobile (acronym can be explained by asking any of us in person) and on a rainy Friday afternoon tore through the New South Wales countryside towards the big city. I was excited about being in a sure-fire town where things were actually happening again.

We had decided to stay at O'Mally's Irish Pub in Kings Cross. For those of you not familiar with Sydney, Kings Cross is the red light district of the city and there is always much interesting activity happening there. The previous time I visited Sydney, this is where I had stayed.

We arrived to our room, and I was pleasantly surprised with the cleanliness of the accommodation and in particular the quietness of the place given that it was a mere 40 feet above a noisy bar. There was a small issue of a hint of a urine smell to our room, but beyond that, it was a very good place to stay.

After our checkin, we headed down from our room to the bar below. We had a few drinks, then Danenberg excused himself to go take a nap and try to recover from the previous night's festivities. Ken and I had a couple of more beers at the bar, then found ourselves wandering through the cross.

After a bit of walking and sight seeing, we found ourselves another cozy bar to have a couple of more beers. We had managed to kill a couple of hours and give Danenberg a bit of time to rest, so we headed back in the direction of our hostel. We got Brian around and then headed out in search of some dinner.

After some disappointing chicken kabobs from a local vender, we found ourselves back at our room, resting up for the evening ahead. It's a good thing. It was a doozy.

We tried to go to a different bar for a bit, but it proved fruitless. It was incredibly packed with people and the only table we were able to get was situated directly next to a table full of complaining American girls. I told the other guys that I had to get away from there due to the amazingly lucid deja vu that I was experiencing.

We went back to Irish Murphy's and began the night in ernest. I was trying to take it a bit easy on the drinks, because honestly, that is all we had been doing most of the trip. It didn't work.

At some point, two people starting going through the crowd holding a large tray of various uncooked meats. They were screaming about something and it turns out they were selling tickets for a raffle to win said meat tray. Obviously we would have been all over this, but taking a tray of meat home to the US would have been rather difficult, so we passed on the opportunity.

We did, however, notice a couple of girls who were more than happy to buy raffle tickets. Peraplexed by this, and probably somewhat horrified, Ken went over to the girls in search of answers. It turned out one of the girls was American and was just as perplexed as Ken, despite the fact that her friend was an Aussie girl through and through and was all about the meat raffle.

Later in the night, we talked with the girls again (Jess and Steph), and I got to know quite a bit about both of them. They were both interesting to talk to and had some great stories. I was particularly interested in the American girl's perspective on moving to Sydney from the states.

After several mutual drinks, one of the girls decided to go home. Being a local we convinced the Jess to take us somewhere else in the Cross that was good. We somehow found our way to a strange night club at 2:00 AM in the Cross that was situated in an old house, and there was a crazy dance party going on in this place. Ken caught some girl that fell from the stairs, I danced my ass off with Jess, and Danenberg...well, I'm not sure what Danenberg did.

After leaving the night club, some other things happened.


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