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A promotion

  • November 3, 2011
  • in design, django, work

It's been two and a half years since I posted something noteworthy on my personal site. The last thing I posted—way back in April 2009—was how pleased I was to be starting a job at Mediaphormedia and moving to Lawrence. I suppose it's only fitting that in getting back to posting on my blog, the subject of this post pertains directly to that previous one. It's a nice bookend—you know?

I found out recently that I have been promoted to the lead designer position at Mediaphormedia. It's a tremendously exciting opportunity for me, and although I have been well prepared to do this job for a long time, I am quite humbled by the organization's faith in me and I feel very fortunate to have found myself in this position. There have only been a couple of people that have held this post before me and I look at it as a huge responsibility to live up to the expectations that go along with this role.

I remember walking by the News Center sometime around 2008 and thinking to myself that I would be working there within a year. I hadn't even seen a job advertisement for Mediaphormedia yet, but I had admired this organization from afar since all the way back in 2003—and I can't really explain it—but it just felt like it was something that was going to happen. I interviewed for a design position that spring and got the job. Over the last two years, I've worked my way up—from not knowing how to make a single code commit—to making all of the day to day decisions that need to be made to lead the design at a widely respected software company like Mediaphormedia.

I truly enjoy working at this company and the people I work with every day are some of the best and brightest around. I'm honestly thankful for the experience I've had already, as well as the ability to continue to develop and grow here. Everyone that is involved with this organization has taught me something valuable, and I'm grateful for the chance I've had to be around such talented people every day.

I am really excited to get to work and move Mediaphormedia's design forward in a positive direction. Leading the day to day aspects of a design team is something I started out doing in my first job after I graduated college and it was something I found myself getting away from unintentionally as I moved forward in my career. I really missed it, it was something I am very particularly suited for, and I think it definitely showed.

In any case, I just wanted to hop on here and say something about an event that feels like a huge milestone for me.

It's kinda nice to say something again.


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