Brian McKinney


Extensive JavaScript and Python/Django programming experience, experience with modern version control (git), web application/database optimization, vast knowledge of user interface design and front-end web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, typography, and graphic design. Additionally I have proven my ability to develop and utilize new skills in order to achieve specific goals.


  • The World Company/Mediaphormedia
  • Lawrence, Kansas
  • Lead Designer/Developer: October, 2011 – Present

As the Lead Designer at Mediaphormedia I expanded my work in front-end development and design while overseeing and managing our design team before moving into the role of Lead Developer/Designer at The World Company (the company that created, then open sourced the Django web-framework). At the World Company, I have done a little bit of everything. From building and designing a Django‐based apartment search app to creating various frontend interfaces to troubleshooting slow database queries and improving fragile site performance. I provide direction on all of our design/development projects and review all of our other developers' work to ensure that it reaches our expectations and standards. I meet with the leadership of our company as well as other stakeholders to communicate our vision of design and web strategy. I have an important role in not only leading our design/development efforts, but also shaping the strategy and direction of our organizatinon as a whole. I am consulted on every significant design/development decision at The World Company, which is a testament to the organization's belief in my ability to make definitive decisions that support the overall strategy and direction of our company.

  • The World Company/Mediaphormedia
  • Lawrence, Kansas
  • Interaction Designer: May, 2009 – October, 2011

Worked with a team of developers to design and implement user interfaces with Django templates, HTML, CSS and JavaScript—using Git for version control. Mediaphormedia is the home of one of the largest Django web applications on the Web, and I gained extensive experience working as a front-end developer on a large-scale, high traffic web application. My work ultimately affected hundreds of thousands of users, and I was constantly challenged to expand my abilities to deliver innovative solutions to difficult problems. Additionally, working with a team of talented Python developers gave me experience in Python/Django best practices as well as developing and deploying large-scale Django web applications.

  • Kansas State University Web Technologies
  • Manhattan, Kansas
  • Senior Web Designer: June, 2006 – May, 2009

Senior front-end designer for the central web technology team at a major (25,000 students) University. Designed and implemented the user interface of several high-profile web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Gave direction regarding standards-based web design on countless projects. Worked with stakeholders from many departments, with varying backgrounds, in order to effectively communicate and advocate K-State's web principals and strategy.

  • Kansas State University Division of Continuing Education
  • Manhattan, Kansas
  • Web Team Leader: February, 2005 – June, 2006

In charge of every aspect of the management of a large-scale web site at a prominent department within Kansas State University. Authored a plan for a complete redesign of the existing DCE web site, including drastic improvements to the information architecture, graphic design, and (X)HTML/CSS code. Created and implemented management procedures to increase efficiency. Supervised, trained and evaluated a team of workers to develop and maintain the DCE web site. Worked effectively within multiple committees to guide DCE’s web-based marketing efforts. Created (X)HTML/CSS templates for conference program web sites. Designed and edited countless web sites. Constantly delivered quality work under extremely tight deadlines.