Hi there, I’m Brian McKinney

Developer, designer, musician, recording engineer. In other words, I like to make things

@brettregan in your article about the Charlotte loss you mention the time of tomorrow's game as 9:30AM, isn't it at 11:00AM central?

After visiting San Francisco for the first time, I'm convinced everyone who decides to move here has never been to New York.

Hi all. It's been a while. What's new?

Saddened to hear @malcolmt passed away. I only met him one time, but a genuinely nice guy and the code he wrote had a big impact on my life.

Big 12 champions in basketball and football. I hope the rest of the league can step it up. This is getting rather tiresome.

@blturner My twitter comments or Kstate's run at the big 12 championship? I'm confused.

K-State all alone at 1st in the Big 12. Too early to start thinking Big 12 football and possible basketball champs? Me thinks not.

Forwarding from @zamoose: : Work proxy blocks @gentlemint but not Pinterest. That's reverse sex discrimination!

Gentlemint named one of PCmag's top 100 websites of 2012: [1]

Almost game time. [1]

Last night I got us kicked out of the biggest honky tonk in the world. We'll see what I can get done tonight.

Burlesque show about to happen at the basement bar in the stockyards. Nay, needs to happen.

Getting ready for my road trip down to Fort Worth tomorrow. K-State = family. [1]

@brittdetienne That's why they play the games. If K-State runs the table, they deserve every bit of that National Championship game.

Hey New York: it's been a while, but it's so good to see you again.

Forwarding from @mclemoreku: : I love the Jayhawks. But let's get real. KSU is gonna wax the floor with our asses. Real talk

Any suggestions for restaurants or things to do on a very brief trip to New York?

Forwarding from @perl5000: : Free money: K-State opens -23.5 over KU.

"I've never seen that. I've never seen anybody drive their garbage down to the street and bang the hell out of it with a stick."

@thedriveks what is the deal with the audio on your show? It has some serious distortion throughout the program.

Old timey country music and whiskey at Frank's North Star on a Sunday night. Recommended.

Man, New York hotels are rather expensive on short notice. Maybe I could just camp in Central Park.

Forwarding from @davidubben: : Another big plus for K-State fans? Get to bask in this win for two weeks ... and then play KU in Manhattan.

Started the day off listening to Wildcat Victory. Seemed appropriate.

Hawthorn is in the Grand Final. After the most exciting final quarter I've seen in ages.

Hawthorn has one more quarter to go and they're in the Grand Final. Let's get this done Hawks.